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Principles Concepts and Techniques

The strands of the structures of the different molecules present in the environment that has been treated become expanded, in contrast to the tight structure that occurs when contamination is present. Other results of this process of expansion are:

  • Heavy metals and other harmful chemical compounds are encapsulated and precipitated rendering them harmless.
  • Other organic compounds are transformed into bio-nutrients, the natural fertilizers.
  • Harmful bacteria and viruses are also encapsulated and isolated, dying in time, because they are unable to parasitize the Sodium molecules.

When the contamination by hydrocarbons is present, the bonds between the molecules are too tight, creating a dense net, which is capturing other elements. This net creates harmful toxicity, killing the OXIGEN and for instance the LIFE, because the nature is unable to breath.

 When our Perfect Solution Aqueous Formula is applied, the bond in between the molecules are expanded. The net of contamination is been opened and pierced, and immediatly all elements trapped in there causing toxicity, are liberated. For example Ammonium and Nitrogen. Water is able to perform again its natural and constant exchange with another elements in air and soil. The transformation of hydrocarbons and the encapsulation process, already started. Nature is BREATHING again.

Because our formula is a pure crystal liquid, during the entire process of breaking down the hydrocarbon molecules, other simultaneous reactions are taking place: