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Systems Overview Different Working Fields

AyDo World Projects has developed system solutions to solve all kind of environmental problems You may have to face.

Each system, is covering different areas for their protection- cleaning and decontaminating them, was designed with its own distinctive procedures, application protocols for each case, which depend on capacity as well as on custom made equipment.

Through AyDo World Projects Systems, we offer a series of possibilities to completely restore the damaged environment as well as a new solution to sustain and develop restored areas guarantying a future healthy state of those treated.


1.   Water Cleaning Systems

  a.     City water (tap water) for human consumption.

  b.     City sewage water.

  c.     Industrial wastewater.

  d.     Water contamination in ponds, lakes, rivers or seas of any kind:

-   Ponds & swimming pools: 1 ton  ==> 250 ton capacity.

-   Large ponds & small lakes: 250 ton ==> 1 million ton capacity.

-   Canals, large lakes, rivers and sea’s: debit dependent (unlimited).

2.   Swimming Pool System (clean and control / algae, bacteria and chlorine free).


3.   Soil and land cleaning and preparation for organic, safe and green agriculture.

  a.      Soils polluted by organic contamination.

  b.      Soils polluted with hydrocarbon spills (fuel, motor oil, organic & inorganic)

  C.      Soils polluted from inorganic toxicity (pesticides, chemicals and other toxic


  d.      Soil degeneration due to desertification and erosion process.

  e.      Preparation of the soils for "green agriculture".

  f.       Plague control.

  g.      Nourishment of the soils (ecological fertilization).

  h.      Seeds treatment.


4.   AYDO Ponic System (Hydro culture).

  a.     Growing plants in water, without soil.

  b.     Keeps water clean with balancing pH. 

  c.     No need for changing water, only add the amount lost by evaporation.


5.   Vegetables Cleaning System.

6.   Fire protection in general (Flame Safe).

  a.     Flame protection of any kind of flammable material.

  b.     Fire Extinguishers (Domestic and industrial) category A,B,C,D.

  c.     Fire Sprinkler System. 


7.   Organic Waste Solutions. (e.g.: Slaughter houses, fish farms, food industry, etc.).


8.   Garbage / Waste disposal fields (Organic & inorganic / Light & Heavy Industry).


9.   Air Filter Systems

 a.     Reduction of CO2 and other toxicity .

 b.     Bacteria free.

 c.     Odour free.


10.  Treatment of air pollution.

  a.     City air decontamination.

  b.     Any kind of transportation and traffic pollution.

  c.     Chimneys (all sizes).

  d.     Air Maintenace in closed area's with re-circulating air

         (offices, buildings, etc, ..., with heater or airconditioning systems). 

  e.     Animal Farms (Bacteria and odour free).


11.  Surface Cleaner (all surfaces: streets, roads, factories, buildings, monuments, etc.)


12.  Heavy Industrial Cleaning System (all kind of area).

  a.     Surface cleaner for all kinds of tanks and constructions

         (wood, concrete, steel, metal, ...) 

  b.     Anticorrosive and antioxidant protection.  


13.  Snow/Ice Safe (roads, streets, airplanes, airport runways, etc.).


14.  Innovative Natural product produced from waste materials.

 a.     suitable for use in construction.

 b.     ultra light but strong material.

 c.     total flame and water resistant.

 d.     available in all colours, shapes and sizes.

 e.     anti-aging and anti-insects


15.  System for Electrical network.

 a.     domestic or industrial.

 b.     waterproof (protection against electric shock during flooding).



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